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Leading Innovation in the Waterjet Cutting Industry Since 1995

Why choose Us.

We love to be told something cannot be done, whereupon we will promptly set out to see if we can do it. We have fun and you will hear laughter every day at WARDJet. We can afford to be creative because we have a dedicated, focused team of people who are constantly extended and encouraged to innovate and think outside the box. You too can be a part of this dynamic team!

Our Mission.

Our mission is simple. To provide sustainable employment for our team-members.

What we Do.

We dream. We discover. We try. We innovate. We use the latest in technology to streamline applications and automate pretty much anything you can think of! We build relationships with our customers and enjoy what we do. This is one key thing that makes WARDJet different from many others.

The WARDJet Story

WARDJet offers over 20 different waterjet models, from small ballscrew driven waterjets to linear motion units, reaching accuracy levels that cut at 7,000 inches per minute. WARDJet has built its reputation by customizing engineered systems to meet the unique needs of every customer.

Up until 2003, WARDJet was one of the largest capacity waterjet job shops in the USA. After this time, the company elected to switch gears and focus on building new waterjets for the industry. In the years following, WARDJet gained a strong worldwide presence, exporting many machines annually. WARDJet also designs many products to improve waterjet cutting and reduce consumable costs, including the patented WARD Pro, a waterjet abrasive recycling system.

Richard Ward, the founder of WARDJet, has been working in the waterjet cutting industry since 1995. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Richard Ward attended the University of Cape Town and began his career as a Civil Engineer. In 1991, he had the opportunity to come to the USA on a 2-year contract to manage a company. He moved across the globe, along with his wife and two children, with only a suitcase each. When the contract was over, Richard started his first company in his garage – one mile away from the 220,000 square foot facility where WARDJet currently operates.

WARDJet builds tailored waterjet cutting solutions that have earned the respect of thousands of people, companies, and customers across the globe.

The AAG Story

In 1991, Alf Zeuner and Gary Harvey founded AXYZ CNC Routers in Ontario, Canada. They saw a gap in the market for modular machines that could be configured to the customers' needs. AXYZ found its niche in the signage and architectural cladding industries. Over the next 30 years, the company expanded its footprint across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and launched an e-commerce parts site called CNCRouterShop.com.

In 1995, Richard Ward founded WARDJet in Ohio, USA. Rich saw an opportunity to produce modular waterjets that could be tailored to the customers' needs. WARDJet made a name for itself by taking on some of the most challenging customized projects. This innovative DNA has attracted industry-leading clients in space exploration, automotive, aerospace, construction, and energy.

The Hansen-MacDonald family became the new majority owners of AXYZ in 2017 and WARDJet in 2018. Luke Hansen-MacDonald took the role of President and brought the two teams together to form AAG Tailored Cutting Solutions. The two incredible teams bonded through their common focus on modular CNC cutting solutions.

This new relationship augmented WARDJet’s technical support network throughout the AXYZ global footprint while increasing AXYZ’s technical depth through WARDJet’s innovative capabilities. The rebuilding and rebranding of the group’s e-commerce site to CNCShop.com has launched a new era of CNC aftermarket distribution encompassing both router and waterjet parts.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic tested the team as the world economy came to a halt, pivoting the focus to supporting Essential Industries. AAG’s CNC machines were used to manufacture millions of essential products including face shields, mask filters, COVID barriers, and hospital beds, to list a few. This was only made possible through the incredible tenacity of the individuals who make up our AAG family.

As AAG enters its 30th year, the future has never looked brighter. Our team is more driven than ever before. We have plotted our course with new cutting-edge innovations as our customers continue to grow into new and exciting areas. All of this made possible as we begin to lead our industries into a new evolution of Tailored Cutting Solutions. Most importantly, we have never forgotten who we are:

“We are market leaders in Tailored Cutting Solutions. Every machine sale marks the start of a long partnership with our clients. Our team is united behind a common purpose, to help unlock our customers' growth.”

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