Waterjet Accessories

Tailored Waterjet Solutions with a multitude of accessories

Apex 60

5-Axis Bevel Cutting Head System
Waterjet Height Sensor

Standard Height Sensor

Automatically adjusts the height of the cutting head
Waterjet Cutting Head Spreader Bar

Adjustable Cutting Head Spreader

Cut with one head or multiple combinations
Waterjet Cutting Head Spreader Bar

Programmable Automatic Spreader Bar

Automatically program the space between cutting heads
Waterjet Material Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor

Automate the loading of materials
Waterjet Material Gripper


‘Grip’ material from roll and pull it into position
Waterjet Material Pinch Feed Roller

Pinch Feed Roller

Present straight, flat material to the cutting area from a roll
Waterjet Shuttle Tables

Shuttle Tables

Set of two synchronized tables used for loading/unloading
Waterjet Vacuum Assist Material Loader

Vacuum Loader

Picks up the material from a cassette of blanks
Waterjet Rotary Axis

Rotary Axis

Rotating the material eliminates the need to refixture
Waterjet Drill Attachment

Pneumatic Drill

Drill a hole at an offset and start cutting inside that hole
Waterjet Tapping System

Pneumatic Tapping System

Automatically thread a hole while cutting
Waterjet Reaming Reamer Attachement

Pneumatic Reamer

Ensure precision with a pneumatic reamer
Waterjet Ink-Jet Print Head Attachment

Waterjet Mounted Printer

Print part numbers directly onto your material
Waterjet Wireless Mobile Pendant Option

CE Wireless Pendant

Control your waterjet wirelessly
Run your waterjet with a laptop

Laptop with Ikuhlu Controller Software

Reduce downtime by controlling your waterjet via laptop
Waterjet Spare Parts Kit

Consumable Parts Kit

Parts in the kit will vary based on the pump chosen
Waterjet Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

An ideal way to track parts
Waterjet High Pressure Gauge

High Pressure Gauge

Check your pressure from a distance at-a-glance
Double High Pressure Lines for Waterjet Cutting

Double High Pressure Whips

Double whips are great for increasing power and speed
Waterhet Abrasive Feed Precision Mini Hopper

SmartMeter Mini-Hopper

Program presets and automate feed rate settings
Waterjet Abrasive Feed Mini Hopper

Standard Mini-Hopper

Simple to use manually adjustable abrasive feed system
Waterjet Abrasive Infini-Hopper

SmartFeed Bulk Feed Hopper

Refill abrasive while the waterjet is cutting
Waterjet Cutting Bulk Feed Abrasive Hopper

Pressurized Bulk Feed Hoppers

Available in 3 sizes: 1000 lb., 2300 lb. and 4400 lb.
Concrete Waterjet Cutting Grates

Concrete Grates

An ideal choice for tile or granite slabs
Waterjet Fluid Chillers


Reduce water use and increase pump seal life
Bulk Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Hopper

Light Curtain

Triggers an action when light beam is interrupted
Bulk Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Hopper

Splash Guard

Reduce the amount of splash back while cutting
Bulk Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Hopper


Remotely view your cutting procedures

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