The Apex 60:
Putting 5-Axis & Bevel Cutting Within Reach

Utilizing over 25 years of research and development, the Apex 60 has been streamlined to put the latest innovations in 5-Axis cutting within reach - all without compromising on quality.
Extend your cutting capabilities.

60° Bevel Cutting

The Apex 60 opens up 3D and bevel cutting capabilities from 0° to 60°

Cut Thick Materials

With a Z-Travel of 12”, the Apex 60 allows for the processing of thick materials and large parts

Full Process Area

Add 5-Axis & bevel capabilities without a reduction in overall cutting envelope

Height Setting

Height Setter programmatically checks and sets the nozzle to the correct offset for cutting

High Speed Motion

With rapid speeds over 2,000 ipm, increase your throughput and reduce your overall cost per part

No Secondary Finishing

Reduce the time required for secondary machining, grinding, or creating countersinks - ideal for weld prep

Putting 5-Axis Cutting Within Reach

A compact and fully integrated 5-Axis solution, the Apex 60 allows for 5-Axis cuts up to 60° and without a reduction in the 2D work area.

Apex 60 - Unlimited Possibilities

Open up a world of possibilities that goes far beyond cutting flat stock on only 3 axes. Equip yourself with the tools that allow you to remain versatile in your industry.

Go Beyond 2D Cutting

Making a 3D Puzzle with the Apex 60

The Apex 60 opens up 3 dimensional bevel cutting abilities at angles from 0° to 60°. Cut from plastic, aluminum, and bronze, this complex 3D puzzle was cut entirely with a waterjet without any secondary finishing.

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Apex 60 Photos

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Superior 5-Axis Cut Quality

Waterjet Cutting a Granite Dodecahedron

A dodeca-what? Exactly! The Apex 60 makes quick work of a complex part design cut out of a very dense material. The resulting cut quality requires no additional grinding or machining, leading to a lower cost per part.

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Apex 60 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Head

Why Invest in 5-Axis

Increased Versatility and Production

Opening up a multitude of possible projects, 5-Axis allows you to never turn down a job due to technical limitations. Your business remains flexible with the demands of your industry. Additionally, with little-to-no secondary processing needed, like machining, grinding, or milling, 5-Axis allows you to finish the same part in less time. This enables a decrease in cost per part and more money in your pocket. Extend your capabilities today.

Unlimited Possibilities

Prepare your business for growth with solutions tailored to your needs. The retrofittable Apex 60 allows you to program simple bevel cuts today and then add the capability to program complex shapes tomorrow on your WARDJet E-Series, X-Series, or WARDKit waterjets. With our standard or advanced bundle, you can update your capabilities at the right time.
Don’t get left behind - invest in your future today.
What's Included Standard Advanced
Apex 60 Cutting Head
Programmable Cutting up to 60°
Standard Bevel Programming - WARDCAM
Complex Bevel Programming
Full 3D 5-Axis Module

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