Support Videos

WARDJet offers a wide variety of technical support and “how to” videos to assist the waterjet operator.

Drill and Tap

5-Axis Height Sensor Calibration

Adjusting Height Sensor Bearings

Variable Speed Mini Hopper Calibration

TC 8 Calibration

Variable Speed Mini Hopper Troubleshooting

WARDJet Infini Hopper Adjustable Waterjet Abrasive Mini Hopper

5-axis Calibration

1 - Abrasive Cutting Head Components

2 - Valve Body, Needle and Seat, and Actuator

3 - Adapter and Seat

4 - Mounting Block, Bullet, High Pressure Adapter, and Bracket

5 - Abrasive Body, Orifice, Mixing Chamber and more

6 - Adapter, and Abrasive Body

How to Change a Mini-Hopper Top

How to Change a WARD-1 Heating Element

Crash Sensor

Cutting Head Teardown

Cutting Head Tutorial

How to Calibrate a Height Sensor

How to Calibrate a WARDJet Mini Hopper

How to Lube the X and XX Axis Ball Screws

Waterjet Relationship Parameters

How to Calibrate a Variable Speed Mini Hopper

Bouncing Height Sensor

How to Level Your Tank

Motor Pulley Disassembly

Mini-Hopper Bladder Replacement

Connecting of Motor & Gearbox

On-Off Valve Repair

Troubleshooting an Abrasive Clog

19. High Pressure Leak Repair

Leveling Guide - How to Pour a Concrete Pad

Abrasive Clogs Back End

How to Square Your Waterjet

Hypertherm / Accustream Waterjet Pump Intensifier Maintenance

How To Use WARDJet's Waterjet Feed Rate Calculator

WARDCAM 101 Webinar

WARDCAM Open Contour Cutting Alternate Method

WARDCAM: How to Modify Reports

Advanced Topics in WARDCAM Webinar

WARDCAM Overview

WARDCAM Geometry Screen

WARDCAM 1 Overview

WARDCAM - How to Open a File

WARDCAM - Geometry Screen

WARDCAM - Parts Screen

WARDCAM - Toolpath Screen

Create New Machine in WARDCAM

WARDCAM - Create New Material

WARDCAM - Move and Copy Commands

WARDCAM - Rotate Command

WARDCAM - Scale Command

WARDCAM - Change Lead Orientation on a Hole

WARDCAM - Options - Edit Variables

WARDCAM - Pre drilling

Add New Thickness to an Existing Material

Pop Ups with Programmable Z in WARDCAM

WARDCAM – How to Program Common Cuts

WARDJet Webinar - IGEMS SignMaker

WARDCAM Costing Report

How to program a “dog bone” in WARDCAM

Ikuhlu - How to Create a Plate

Ikuhlu - How to Align a Plate

Ikuhlu - How to Assign the Touchscreens

Ikuhlu - How to Set a Laser Offset

Ikuhlu - How to Set a Tool Offset

Ikuhlu - How to Create Users

Create a New Consumable

Replacing a Consumable Item

Changing Consumable Life

How to Array A Part

Options While Running A Part

Jump Panel

Ikuhlu - Load and Run a Program

Ikuhlu - Additional Kerf Offset

Accuracy Test Part Load

Hypertherm / Accustream Waterjet Pump Intensifier Maintenance

Echion Seal Change

Echion Bleed Down Valve Maintenance

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