Customer Feedback

Here is some customer feedback freely given about WARDJet. We are truly thankful for partnerships we have created over the years.

The few times I have called I have received a response within minutes

“We recently retrofitted our machine with one of your controllers. The whole process went off without a hitch from the quotation stage to the installation. Even though your tech ran into issues, he never gave me the impression that the issues could not be overcome. He is a real asset to your company. I haven’t to this point needed much support but the few times I have called I have received a response within minutes. Great Job!”


It is clear that you have built a fine organization

“Our new machine is working well and I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with every single person at WARDJet involved in our sales and installation process. A company culture and personality is a reflection of its leadership and it is clear that you have built a fine organization. ”


Your dedicated and experienced crew did a great job in getting us back up and running in a quick and efficient manner.

“A couple weeks ago our WARDJet Z-613 went down for the count when the controller decided to go to sleep and not wake back up. Obviously we had gotten used to it working very well…so this caused a minor panic here at the shop as we have customers with demanding schedules and a lot of work scheduled. So I wanted to let you know that once again your dedicated and experienced crew did a great job in getting us back up and running in a quick and efficient manner. Everyone we dealt with did a great job…as the owner of the company I’m sure you appreciate their efforts on a daily basis…just wanted to let you know that your paying customers also appreciate the exceptional service provided. We pay a lot of different vendors on a daily basis…but rarely do we find one that has the same personal touch that WARDJet exhibits...”


It has already started to make a difference in our cutting schedule.

“Just wanted to let you know we are happy with our Emerald machine, and it has already started to make a difference in our cutting schedule. Technical support has been great also, working out the kinks with my operator. Thanks for all you and the rest of WARDJet did to create this machine.”


We have been able to improve our processes and production and we are very pleased.

Gaylord Foundry Equipment “WARDJet's product is advertised exactly as it is and the waterjet machine is capable of meeting all of the needs for our applications that we have. We have been able to improve our processes and production and we are very pleased.”

Gaylord Foundry Equipment

Customer friendly and service oriented

“Customer friendly and service oriented, from sales and purchase, WARDJet made us feel really comfortable in our decision. They were very hands on with their product and provided a knowledgable overview.”

American Precision 3D

We are very satisfied with the installation of our WARDJet waterjet cutting machine and the great relationship with your company.

EBTEC Corporation “Ebtec would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our facility and ensure everything worked perfectly with our waterjet cutting machine.”

EBTEC Corporation

The best company I have ever worked with.

Armstrong World Industries “I have been in manufacturing for a while and I can honestly say that your company is the best company I have ever worked with. WARDJet is truly a company that stands by their product and provides outstanding support after the sale. Thank you all again.”

Armstrong World Industries
$2.8 billion in sales, 2009

You have the greatest crew on the planet!

Envision Rapid Cutting “I love your machine and you have the greatest crew on the planet! Every question I ever had, every challange that came to mind your people handled in a prompt, courteous and helpful way. They are consumate professionals.”

G. C.
Envision Rapid Cutting

The extra days of training were a great help!

Koss Logo “My operators went from scared and uneasy to confident , and at ease. Thank you!”

J. K.
Koss Industrial, Inc.

I'm very happy with how everything went.

KMT Logo “I wanted to let you know my retrofit went very well last week. Great job on everything on the retrofit. Everything went very smooth.

I want to thank you very much my guys are really happy with the product that you delivered and I'm very happy with how everything went. No surprises and the install went very smoothly, just as I expected. Thank you.”

J. C.
KMT Robotic Solutions, Inc.

I am looking forward to many years of using this machine and a great continued relationship with Wardjet.

K-Line Logo “ I want to thank you for taking the time to come here to our facility and make things right. I am looking forward to many years of using this machine and a great continued relationship with Wardjet.

Thanks again for you professional attention to our issues. ”

C. D.
K-Line Industries

We love our WARDJet waterjet and look forward to getting another one as soon as possible.

CML Logo “A core value of CML is to deliver customer’s expectations which to some extent are determined by ourselves. For example, if told a call will be returned in 5 minutes, the expectation is to receive the call within 5 minutes. To miss this time frame would disappoint the customer yet the expectation was set by ourselves!

Working with WARDJet Inc. on requirements CML needed in our waterjet demanded some features not commonly found. Future growth would need an additional waterjet. Due diligence with a thorough analysis of several waterjet machines brought the list down to the final few.

Then the tough decision of who to trust and buy from raising the question, ‘did you feel you were sticking your neck out’ when selecting WARDJet? With other waterjets operated elsewhere, none of them WARDJet, pressure to choose a tried and tested solution was high.

Not at all, we made a careful decision based on financial viability, stringent mechanical, electrical, electronic and software criteria. But above all we were impressed by the full service package of WARDJet. The ability to remotely diagnose and address most every issue other than those specifically requiring hands-on the machine was assuring. Every aspect from shipping to installation to training and service promised has been more than met.

What is amazing is we were literally cutting parts and in production the week of our installation. We were told this could well happen, and it did.

To summarize, we love our WARDJet waterjet and look forward to getting another one as soon as possible. And a key reason we love our WARDJet? WARDJet team met all our expectations!”

P. M.
CML Alloys

I still can't believe we were able to set up the machine and get trained to operate it in just one week.

Crest Foods Logo “Thank you again for producing a phenomenal machine. We completed the installation today. Bill, Steve (our machinist and operator) and I put in over 60 hours this week installing and training on this machine. I must say I am thoroughly impressed with Bill's skill, ability, professionalism and acute attention to detail. Being a part of the installation and learning all about the machine and how it is made has given me tremendous insight into it's capabilities and ruggedness. We were able to cut several parts and learn a lot about programming, cutting strategies and clamping options from Bill. We learned how to operate, service and have fun with our machine and how to recover when things may not go as planned. Overall we are all completely impressed and satisfied with the machine, your company and your installer, Bill. I still can't believe we were able to set up the machine and get trained to operate it in just one week. That fact is a testament to the quality and knowledge of your employees and the quality and design of your machines.”

Crest Foods D. Y.
Crest Foods Co., Inc.

The use of WARDJet’s water jet cutting machines has strengthened our commitment to exceptional service...

Wolverine Machine Products Logo “At Wolverine Machine, we are dedicated to continuous improvements in quality and efficiency, allowing for shorter lead times, higher-quality products, and lower costs. Since 1923, we have continually improved by regularly investing in advanced technology and equipment. This regular investment in technology has been a key to Wolverine Machine’s longevity and success and has allowed us to maximize quality and efficiency.

For example, when a customer needed a part that required both water jet cutting and machining, we invested in a water jet cutting machine from WARDJet. This allowed us to produce the complete part in house which reduced cost, assured part quality, and shortened delivery times.

We were impressed by the capabilities of WardJet’s machines, and ultimately purchased a Z-813. We have recently purchased an additional WARDJet machine the RX-3013.

Because of the helpful staff at WARDJet, our staff has become experts in water jet cutting. Also, adding water jet cutting capability has helped us to expand into industries such as solar and wind energy.

As an ISO/TS 16949Certified company, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations on a continual basis. The use of WARDJet’s water jet cutting machines has strengthened our commitment to exceptional service, quality, accuracy, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. ”

K. W.
Wolverine Machine Products

Wolverine Machine Products Wolverine Machine Products Wolverine Machine Products

We are extremely satisfied with WARDJet.

"Our WARDJet was installed and has been cutting steel for several weeks. This is a new technology for us, so I am sure you can appreciate our caution. We have already found several opportunities to employ our waterjet system for process improvement. Our production success has been largely due to the very professional training and assistance from your folks. You have my deep gratitude, and I would like to extend our many thanks to your staff as well."

W. C.
Wall Colmony Corporation

We are completely satisfied with their machine and support!

Boise Metal Works Logo Boise Metal Works "We have purchased a WARDJet Z-813 are completely satisfied with their machine and support! We can cut almost any material you can think of. We can cut up to 10" of Mild Steel. We have a table size of 8' x 13' (which is currently one of the larger tables in the State of Idaho). We have a full 12" Z axis travel for thicker composite materials. We have Sign making capabilities, Tile, and have great software to geometrically nest parts to utilize material to it's fullest extent."

J. S.
Boise Metal Works

Special thanks to you and your staff for taking care of the issues we discussed

"You guys are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

T. R.
Lakes Metal Fabrication

We are the pioneers of what we do, and WARDJet is the pioneer of waterjetting!

Acorn Welding LogoAcorn Welding Logo “ We are Canada's largest aircraft exhaust and engine mounts repair company and the world's largest radial and vintage aircraft exhaust repair company. 99% of our work is for aircrafts, and we cut everything from washers to wing panels. Buying a WARDJet gave us more control over what we do. We don’t have to sub out our waterjet work anymore. The best part about the machine is that it is upgradeable: we can start recycling our abrasive, bevel cutting, drilling, or add multiple heads to our machine at any time. We really couldn't ask for a better product or team of people. ”

D. H.
Acorn Welding

WARDJet has built our company a waterjet cutting system that consistently produces high quality cuts on a wide variety of materials.

Evans & Sons Logo “Evans & Sons Welding Service, Inc. is a custom fabrication job shop that uses a variety of capabilities to meet the metalworking needs of the exhibit industry. Completing our jobs on time and with the highest quality standards is crucial for the success of our business. When looking to “branch out” and add waterjet cutting to our capabilities we chose a WardJet Z-45 Waterjet Cutting System. During the buying process their sales team was knowledgeable and committed to designing a system that fit the needs of our company. Installation was smooth, and training was excellent. Service after the sale has been quick and efficient.

WardJet has built our company a waterjet cutting system that consistently produces high quality cuts on a wide variety of materials. Our customer feedback concerning the quality of the cuts has been excellent. The tight tolerances and accuracy of our Z-45 allows us to complete intricate and precise cuts that only a quality machine can make. With almost a year in use, our WardJet Z-45 is a dependable asset to our company living up to the WardJet saying "not just a waterjet…" ”

G. E.
Evans & Sons Welding Service, Inc.

We could not be more pleased with our WARDJet machine and also the support and service that WARDJet has provided.

"At JF Berns Company, we both design and manufacture equipment for automating CNC Lathes and Mills. We offer a range of products including spindle liners, bar supports, chamfering equipment, barfeeders and special Loaders and Unloaders. With the addition of the WARDJet, we have been able to manufacture more parts in-house with much quicker turn-around times. The ability to quickly and efficiently cut plastic and other materials has opened our engineering options in the design stage. We also have started to job shop work that we would have not d in the past.

The WARDJet has changed the way we design and manufacture in ways we didn't expect until after we had experience with it."

J. B.
JF Berns Company

JF Berns Logo
JF Berns

Loader/Unloader Specially designed by JF Berns with many parts cut on a WARDJet.

Everyone at WARDJet has been awesome. I'm really glad I went with a WARDJet.

ANR Waterjet Services "We cut all sorts of parts from steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, plastic, and rubber. Our waterjet produces clean-cut parts, it's easy to set up, and the touch screen controller makes operation a breeze. It was so easy to learn. We're looking to buy another one. We're very happy about our decision to go with a WARDJet. The technical support is wonderful. WARDJet helped me get started and they did a heck of a job!"

A. R.
ANR Waterjet Services


We're happy we went with WARDJet.

BC Fabricators "We went with WARDJet after visiting their plant. They explained everything so well. They were sincere, they really want your machine to do well after you buy it. Having a WARDJet waterjet has made things a lot simpler. We're able to waterjet cut parts without having to machine them first. It really eliminates a lot of steps. It makes everything we do more precise. We can cut everything from 4" thick stainless down to .25", even 10" thick stone. Everything turns out awesome! We love the accuracy of our machine."


N. B.
BC Fabricators

A to Z Waterjet Cutting Services Logo

We are very happy with our decision to buy a WARDJet waterjet.

"Waterjet cutting is all we do. It's our business. We cut anything and everything on our waterjet, from titanium to glass. I was impressed with Richard and everyone at WARDJet. Their machines are powerful and easy to use. They didn't take a long time to learn, and they're dependable. We haven't had any issues with our machine so far."

D. A.
A to Z Waterjet Cutting Services

I would like to say Thank You , to you and everyone on your staff for the excellent job.

"Everyone I met at at WARDJet Inc. was a true professional. I felt that all of the people I dealt with were concerned with my needs. I particularly appreciate Vicki for her fitting everything into my time table. Being a "start-up" company requires a bit more than just moving in a machine and going to work. Vicki seemed to understand these issues without explanation; and accommadated every facet of change graciously. She was very, very helpful.

When ever a person changes careers, it is vital to get good information. If you know someone you trust; you can ask them about an idustry. If you do not know someone in a selected field it really becomes a high stakes gamble.

Special attention should be given to Bill Krobetzky, ("Skeeter"). He really put out an outstanding effort to do the 'install'. Twelve and fourteen hour days were common place. He was able to answer every question with vigor and often had multiple solutions for my questions. Skeeter's demeanor and attitude was always positive even though he put in some long hours. If you think you can read a book then pilot a plane you understand how important it is to have a hands on experience before passangers get on board. Skeeter was able to work me thru and walk me thru all aspects of the WARDJet ZXA-613; whereby instilling a better sense of the industry, the job, and the machine. His 'hands on' approach complimented his expertise. He is a strong company asset.

The WARDJet ZXA-613, performs excellently because of the flawless istall. We did a test run that exceeded my expectations. Calibrations to square were .00033 degrees. Circles had similar demanding figures.

You, "Skeeter", Vicki, Dennis, and all the rest of the people at WARDJet Inc. who built, or helped design this machine deserve a big THANK YOU for taking the gamble out of my career change."

G. C.
Envision Rapid Cutting

I purchased my water jet from WARDJet because of their technology, service and support. When I have a question, I get an answer within minutes. Everyone at WARDJet has been outstanding!

At QC Electronics, we cut all types of material plus we have the unique ability to drill and tap. We cut heavy steel machine plates to tolerance and then drill and tap the holes - all on the water jet. We eliminate the step of moving the part to a mill. Our cutting table is 72" x 144" and we cut any material up to 12 inches thick. We can import just about any cad format and quoting is fast and easy! We utilize the water jet in our manufacturing process plus we provide water jet cutting services to other businesses."

K. K.
QC Electronics, Inc

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