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94% of all calls resolved without sending a technician

Increase uptime with remote support

It's simple - you rely on your waterjet to keep turning out top-notch product. The minute that stops, so does your profit. Stop waiting for a support technician. Get back up and running in an instant with remote support.
of calls resolved
without sending a technician
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Instant access to support when you need it

During a recent study, WARDJet verified its best in class support by taking a look at how many of our inbound calls are resolved without sending a technician to you. We were happy to uncover that 94% of all calls were resolved without sending a technician in less than 4 hours! How's that for uptime!

As we dug in deeper, it became evident how quickly calls were being resolved. While this was made possible through technology, the quality of support comes from the experience and commitment of our people. Without them, this type of support is hard to reach.

I never wanted the award for the most service techs around the world. I do, however, want the award for the least number of service techs and customers with the greatest uptime in the industry... and we've achieved it.

Richard Ward, WARDJet President

Remote Support at a Glance

  • < 4 hours
  • < 60 mins
  • < 30 Mins
Remote Support on the XL Controller

Support at the machine

Chat with support while you are standing right in front of the waterjet

Webcam Equipped

Our XL and Classic Controllers come with a webcam installed that make video conferencing simple

Video Conferencing

See who you are talking to and be able to clearly identify the issue that needs resolved

Assistive Control

Support Specialists will be able to control your waterjet effortlessly through the secure support session

Screen Sharing

Given permission, our Support Technicians can see your screen and can share theirs with you

How Remote Support Works

It's easy - enter a provided support token, click connect, and an experienced waterjet professional will walk you through resolving whatever the isssue may be

US-Based Remote Support

Based in our Tallmadge Ohio headquarters, our support specialists work only steps from our engineers, developers and production team. We are there when you need us with instant call support, remote access and live video conferencing.

Training & Support Resources

With over 20 years of waterjet experience, WARDJet has comprised the most comprehensive training and support documentation in the industry - all just a click away

FREE Trainingwith the purchase of a waterjet

IGEMS TrainingFrom waterjet professionals

Waterjet UniversityComprehensive online knowledgebase

Support VideosCategorized Video Library

It’s like having a team of experts in the back room of my shop that I can call on at any time. All I do is touch an icon on my screen and there they are!

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